Dragon age inquisition панель для скилов увеличить

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All Skill Trees for Inquisitor

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This Mod adds ALL. SkillTrees for the Inquisitor, regardless of gender, race or class. And because of that, you will need some optional files because of balancing some stuffs. I upload them here too.

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  • Other user’s assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder’s resources
  • Upload permission You can upload this file to other sites but you must credit me as the creator of the file
  • Modification permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to modify my files to improve it
  • Conversion permission You can convert this file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the creator of the file
  • Asset use permission You must get permission from me before you are allowed to use any of the assets in this file
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  • Asset use permission in mods/files that earn donation points You are not allowed to earn Donation Points for your mods if they use my assets

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After i was more looking for mods here on the nexus, i found out that xzfelix did great mods for us!
I copied a few things from his mods — so: thank you very much xzfelix!

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Version 2.1

  • Some SkillBalances for my AllSkillTrees — Mod & No Class Restricted Weapons

little bugfixes to descriptions, upkeepcosts(lowered and removed the «disableRegenerationOfStaminaMana» flag) and Critical/FlankingDmg bugfixes(now any AOE Effects can be a critical hit and you should only read «1 Damage» popups when an enemie is immune to this specific damage!

Update: 1.8 Fixed Poison and Burning Status Effects(both now benefit from the damage bonus and can be criticals)

Update: 1.9 Fixed Energy Barrage (SeekerSwarm Storm SkillTree) Upgrade 2: the developer seems to miss the damagemultiplier for this ability? It was not there! now it is!

Update: 2.0 more Abilities do Damage now. Fade Shield nerfed to 20%(the enemies cant hurt you if you do damage all the time)

Update: 2.1 there was a error in the damagecalculation for Pull of the Abyss and Horror, sry for that.

RiftMage: Stonefist 500% to 300% Dmg
Veilstrike do Damage now: 0% to 250% SpiritDmg (checked and working on all upgrades!)
Pull of the Abyss do damage all the time now: 0 to 300% SpiritDmg

Primal: Winter’s Grasp 200% to 250% Dmg
Ice Mine do Dmg now: 0% to 300% IceDmg (checked and working on all upgrades!)
Ice Storm 75% to 125% Dmg Upgrade1 75% to 125% Dmg
Upgrade2 10 to 15 sec duration (work like intended)
Wall of Ice hurts now! 0% to 600% IceDmg (can hit more than once)

Storm: Chainlightning 250% to 175% Dmg, Cooldown from 8 to 10 sec
Energie Barrage 66% to 50% Dmg — Upgrade1: Duration for debuff from 5 sec to 45 sec (good for long fights on singleTarget!)
Lightning Bolt 200% to 375% ThunderDmg
Static Cage Duration from 8sec to 12sec
Upgrade 1: 50% to 125% dmg (extreamly strong when you can keep enemies in there!!)
Upgrade 2 Dmg from 50% to 200% Dmg (superior strong when kiting enemies out of area!!)

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BloodMage: FrighteningPresence 15% to 50% Dmg
Spirit Mark 75% to 125% Dmg
Horror do damage all the time now: 0 to 200% SpiritDmg
Upgrade 1: 100% SpiritDmg per Second. (ticks faster now)

panicked opponents : the panic keeps 3sec longer after the enemy receives damage (normaly panic falls off on recieved damage (after 0,5sec)) — works like a charm!

Inferno: Flashfire 300% to 250% Dmg
Immolate 300% to 250% initial Dmg
Fire Mine 1600% to 1000% Dmg
Fire Wall 200% to 300% Dmg

Knightenchanter: Spirit Blade 150% to 110% Dmg, Cost 10 to 15 Stamina/Mana
Fade Shield Damage done add Barrier to ownBarrier 30% to 20%
(btw, it wasnt 30%. it was 80%! — the Tooltip lies!!
now the multiplier value is 20%(like the tooltip says))

Mage Spirit: MindBlast deals damage now: 0% to 200% SpiritDmg

Sabotage: Caltrops 10% to 30% Dmg
Poisoned 25 to 80% Dmg per second
Toxic Cloud 15% to 180% Dmg (why was this so weak? it is a late skill in the tree and was useless compared to other skills and you have to keep the enemies in there.)
— Upgrade Contact Poison 25% to 75% Dmg
Throwing Blades 100% to 175% Dmg

Artifier: Elemental Mines 50% to 150% initialDmg — Upgrade2: 500% to 1000% Dmg (Compared to Mages Firemine)

Subterfuge: Shadow Strike 400% to 600% Dmg

Archery: Leaping Shot cooldown from 12 to 10 seconds

Assassin: KnockOut Bomb deals damage now: 0 to 200% PhysicalDmg

Tempest: Flask of Frost: enemies now receive damage when they are close to you: 0% to 100% IceDmg per second (it ticks very fast)
Flask of Lightning Upgrade 2: deal damage with every hit: 0% to 50% ThunderDmg

Reaver: Circle of Pain 15% to 40% Dmg — Upkeepcost greatly reduced
Devour 100% to 200% Dmg
Dragon Rage Bonus from Circle of Pain 50% to 100% Dmg

Templar: Wrath of Heaven 400% to 800% Dmg(because it only affects deamons with this damage)

Vanguard: Warcry now additionaly deals damage: 0% to 100% SpiritDmg
Challenge now additionaly deals damage: 0% to 175% SpiritDmg

Weapon&Shield: Shield Wall now strikes back against melee attacker! (spiky shield!) 0% to 150% PhysicalDmg

Chevalier: Line in the Sand now provides 25% Block upon casting and each spawned entity deals 150% WeaponDmg in a small area.
Maybe a little strong, but i never used this ability before and wanted this finally really usefull!

Version 1.8

  • Script — changes of Enemy Damage, Health and Armor Multipliers

Update 1.8:
Buffed the physicaldamage bonus per level by ca. 20%
Buffed the magicaldamage bonus per level by ca. 40%
Buffed the armor bonus per level by ca. 15%
(because enemies in the late game dont scales enough)

Enemy Damage:
Physical Damage: x1 to x1.5 *randomMultMelee
Elemental Damage: x1 to x1.5 *randomMultMagic

Enemy Health:
Normal Enemies (normal FootSoldier for example): x1 to x3 *randomMult
Elite and Bosses: x4 to x6 *randomMult
Epic Bosses and Dragons: x12 to x35 *randomMult

These multipliers affect the base stats of Enemies, the Difficult Multiplier is added afterwards.

Creature Armor Rating VeryLow= 0.0 to 0.5 *randomMult
Creature Armor Rating Low= 0.5 to 1.0 *randomMult
Creature Armor Rating Default= 1.0 to 1.5 *randomMult
Creature Armor Rating High= 1.25 to 2.0 *randomMult
Creature Armor Rating VeryHigh= 1.5 to 2.5 *randomMult

randomMult = 0.75-1.5
randomMultMelee = 0.9 — 1.25
randomMultMagic = 0.9 — 1.25

Version 1.2

  • Now your Armor counts even then, when you are protected with a Barrier! «BarrierLower» — File highly recommended!

the armorrating now protects against magic to.
creatures armor x0.75 ; players armor scales with damage(begins by 40 Dmg (5%), and is capped to max 35%(@

Hello there! Like the titel says allready: with the main mod file you gain access to all Skilltrees, regardless of gender, race or class! feel free to experiment with skill builds, there are so many powerfull options! 😉

I was surprised that no one else has done it before.

Some Notes:
- you will need a mod that removes weapon restrictions, i prefer tidus560 mod: No Class Restrictions on Weapons
- warriors are not able to equip bows AND dualhanded bugs a little(only the mainhand deals damage) ps: maybe i will fix it in the future
- Mages are not able to equip bows, everthing other works fine! ps: maybe i will fix it in the future
- Rogues can to everything!
- some skills are now to powerfull, this is why i add files that tryes to balance it all a little bit ps: needs more testing, suggestions welcome!
- mage staffs are so weak compared to the other weapon types, i add files for balance this in the optional file-sector
- you are able to gain incredible power!! this is why i add a file for difficult changes in the optional file-sector
- all my mods need FrostyModManager, it is a nice manager and switching from DAIMods to this is worth it! FrostyModManager
- and there is a way to use both managers together! :

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    watch it carefully.

With my mod «SkillBalance» and my MainFile there are some imposant combos available. Just try something out:

Taunt the enemies to you(it additionally deal damage now), make them dream with the KnockOutBomb(Assassinskilltree, additionally deal damage now) and then set them with a Mindblast(Mage SpiritTree, additionally deal damage now) into a nightmare!(deal extremly high spiritdamage and set them into a panicmode. But its not over yet! : with the passive skill from the Bloodmages Skilltree «FrighteningPresence» you deal 50% more damage to them(for the next 3 seconds) while they are flee in panic! —- boooom they are dead! 😀

And there are some other fantastic options! use your fantasy! 🙂

AllSkillTreesForInquisitor: Main file!

AllSkillTreesCompanions: All Ability Trees for Companions inclusive the InquisitorAbilitytree.
    Removed useless Abilitytrees that the class cant use without bugs
     Perfect for using it with my SkillTreeOverhaul(Inquisitor).

SkillBalance: many changes here!! please look at the description from this Mod in the FrostyModManager. But there are some essential changes in there,
 please try it out. Feedbacks are welcome! one for example: BloodMage: FrighteningPresence was useless,
 because panic falls off when the enemy receive damage, now it holds 3 sec longer.
 Veilstrike do Damage now! 250% weapondmg as Spiritdmg
IceMines do Damage now! 300% weapondmg as Icedmg
 Mindblast do Damage now! 200% weapondmg as Spiritdmg
 Knockout Bomb do Damage now! 200% weapondmg as Physicaldmg
 Flask of Frost have a damaging aura now! 100% Icedmg per sec (it ticks very fast with lower numbers)
 Flask of Lightning Upgrade2 now adds Thunderdmg to your strikes! 50% ThunderDmg
 Warcry Taunt do Damage now! 100% weapondmg as Spiritdmg
 Challenge Taunt do Damage now! 175% weapondmg as Spiritdmg
 ShieldWall now strikes back against Melee Attackers! 150% Physicaldmg (spiky shield!)
 Line in the Sand now deals Damage and provides 25% Block

 Update: 1.9 Fixed Energy Barrage (SeekerSwarm Storm SkillTree) Upgrade 2: Did the developer forget the damage multiplier?
    It was not there! now it is!
 Wall of Ice now deals Damage! 600% IceDmg (by placing it right, you can hit each enemy more then once)
 Bloodmages Horror do damage all the time now: 0 to 200% SpiritDmg
 Riftmages Pull of the Abyss do damage all the time now: 0 to 500% SpiritDmg (late Skill in the Skilltree)

SkillsNoSpecificWeaponsRequired: Same as «SkillBalanceBuffedMelee», but without a need of a specific weapon for the abilities in the        Bow/Dual/WeaponShield and TwoHander — Trees.
      Some Animations looks a little weird, but hey, you can always use the correct weapon for it again.. 😉

ReaverBuffsWithFireDmg: Devour and DragonRage cause FireDmg insteed of physicalDmg and are far more powerfull.
    Besides of that, PainAura cause physicaldmg when you choose the Upgrade2 and the bonusdmg diddnt work correctly
    — both are fixed. please load it after my «SkillBalance» — files.

NoSkillRequirement: Now all Skills are available directly. Choose and learn what ever you want. 🙂

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ManaStaminaChanges: MaxStamina counts for Mages and MaxMana counts for Rogues/Warriors. Max- Mana and Stamina Cap from 200 to 500!

ClassBonusesForAll: Warriors, Rogues and Mages now receive Stamina/Mana on staff-autohits
   Mages now receive Mana on all Autohits!(same as Warrior and Rogues)
   Warriors and Mages have Bonuses to Stealth now(like the Rogues)
   Rogues and Mages now have the bonus on WeaponShield Skill «Revenge»(like the Warriors)

AccessoriesNoClass: rings, amulets and belts dont need a class anymore. this was needed because you have access to all skills now!

BarrierLower: the classic barrier is very strong allready, but with stronger weapons now you became nearly invincible!! use this if you want a challange again.
 oh and normaly your barrier get calculated by the offhand weapon stat, this makes shields far weaker then other weapons
  — in this mod i changed it to mainhand weapon!

CharStatChanges: with this file you earn attackratings from strength, dexterity and magic for all your partymembers!

DifficultLowChallange: Enemies have more life, deal more damage, attack more often and are faster in ALL difficult options! see more details in the
    frosty mod description! it is recommended to turn this on after you reach level 6 — 8.

same as above, but with more enemy life and damage. this file is my personal favorite of these two. i play on medium.

EnemyValuesMedium: Boosts the armor, health and damage of everyone except you and your party. there are also random Multis,
   so each enemy is a individuum now! 🙂 Warning. iam a little sadistic — i love tough fights! 😀
    fully compatible with every other difficult mod!

ItemBuffsX1,4: this file boost every stat of lootable and buyable items! all mage staffs receive a 80% damage boost! if you think that all lootable items
  are too weak, you should try this file here.
  Note: all items that are allready in your possession are not affected!! craftable stuff are not affected!!

MaterialEditsMoreTiers: elevated staff damage by 80% , and some of the materials have higher stat outcomes.
    Note: descriptions dont show this(they are not editable), just try it out in the forge.

RuneDamage: need more damage on runes? try this.

ShopEdits: all tier1 crafting materials and blueprints are now available in the shop at the forge (because i love crafting 😉 ) buyprices are doubled.
 Respec Amulets are cheaper and dont get destroyed after equip(infinite uses) -dont forget to unequip it,
 or your abilities will refund and refund and refund and. 😉

SkillTreesOverhaul: i filled the Inquisitor skill tree with many passive abilities, many of them are really powerfull!! the idea comes from
   jerrybullet: Inquisitor Tree Overhauled

ReducedDamageAfterBarrierBreakthrough: When a physical hit destroys your barrier, you allways take damage!
        its a base game problem. (because the damagecalculation forgot to include the barrier decay rate and
        this damage scales up with your Max Barrierstat AND Armor!)
        I edited the script to reduce this damage!
        Not compatible with the other «misc» — files.

ArmorAndBarrier: Now your Armor counts even then, when you are protected with a Barrier! Its a little cheating.. but.. why not.. someone of you may like it.. 😉
   Not compatible with the other «misc» — files.

ArmorVSMagic: Now your Armor counts even then, when you are protected with a Barrier!
  The armorrating now protects against magic too. creatures magic ignors 80% of your armor, your magic ignors 25% of enemies armor.
 I made this for myself because magic is REALLY strong!
  Note: you will need my both modfiles that boosts your staff damage «ItemBuffsX1,4» & «MaterialEditsMoreTiers»

Not compatible with the other «misc» — files.


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